Mission Statement


ITSVA’s mission is to promote, stimulate, and provide assistance to governments and industries in the development and deployment of ITS technologies in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Activities include the direct support of transportation agencies and industries and other activities that facilitate the education of public officials and citizens about the benefits to be achieved through ITS technologies.


• To establish personal and professional development opportunities that add value to Virginia’s transportation programs and ITSVA members through information exchange, position taking, networking, and advocacy.

• To provide a forum for fostering partnerships that can lead to economic development and job creation among private firms and between the public and private sectors.

• To develop and implement education and outreach programs that support ITSVA’s mission and increase awareness of ITS technology among state and local officials, transportation professionals, and citizens.

• To advocate legislative agendas that support ITSVA’s mission consistent with our organizational status; To serve as a private sector voice to promote the advantages and benefits of ITS technologies for safety, efficiency, economy, and traveler convenience.

• To partner with the Department of Transportation, the Department of Rail and Public Transportation, and other public agencies to carry out a high quality ITS program.