Industry Links


Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE)
CITE offers on-line graduate and undergraduate level courses on ITS.

The ENTERPRISE Program is a pooled-fund study with member agencies from North America and Europe. Its main purpose is to use the pooled resources of its members, private sector partners and the United States federal government to develop, evaluate and deploy Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). You can find out all the current activities and download documents from this web site.

Federal Highway Administration
The FHWA is a part of the Department of Transportation and is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with field offices across the United States. Visit the site to find out who they are and what they do and link to the employment opportunities.

I-95 Corridor Coalition
The I-95 Corridor Coalition is an alliance of transportation agencies, toll authorities, and related organizations, including law enforcement, from the State of Maine to the State of Florida, with an affiliate member in Canada. Find out what the Coalition is up to by visiting its web site.

Intelligent Transportation Society of America
This is where ITS professional visit to keep them up to date about ITS activities in the world.

ITS Benefits and Unit Costs Database Web Site
US DOT has done lots of cost benefit studies on ITS, and this web site features them. This web site consists of two major areas: information regarding ITS benefits, and that regarding the unit costs of individual ITS elements. The ITS industry has been challenged with showing the benefits. This web site is a great resource for you.

The ITS Professional Capacity Building Program
A clearinghouse for ITS training courses sponsored by US DOT.

National ITS Implementation Research Center
The National ITS Implementation Research Center is one of 33 University Transportation Centers funded by the U.S. DOT and is one of only two devoted exclusively to intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The National ITS Implementation Research Center is a consortium of Virginia’s transportation research centers, includes GMU, UVA, and Virginia Tech. The web site has links to the transportation research and education programs to all three Virginia universities.

Resource 511
This site is a repository of information for the 511 deployment community. The 511 Deployment Coalition developed RESOURCE 511 to provide ready access to the information and tools provided by the Coalition, and to make it easier for you, the 511 deployers, to share resources. The content of this site will help you to develop, launch, publicize, maintain, evaluate, and improve your state’s or region’s 511 service.

The National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol
The NTCIP is a joint standardization project of AASHTO, ITE, and NEMA, with funding from the FHWA. This web site offers the NTCIP guide, recent news, and discussion forums.

University of Virginia Smart Travel Lab Web Site
The Smart Travel Lab is a joint effort between the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Virginia and the Virginia Transportation Research Council. The distinguishing characteristic of the lab is the direct connection established between the lab and transportation management systems operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). This connection provides researchers with direct access to real ITS data and systems. This direct access has allowed the lab to provide substantive contributions to VDOT’s ITS initiative, known as the Smart Travel Program.

USDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems
This is far and away the best single web site in the country for its information. The folks there have done an excellent job of creating a real clearinghouse of information about ITS. Spend just a couple of minutes on it and you will see for yourself.

Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation
You can find out services, projects, and business opportunities with the VDRPT. Visit the site to find out the current status with Dulles Corridor Rapid Transit Project!

Virginia Department of Transportation
The Virginia Department of Transportation site is a great source for travelers, contractors, citizens, transportation planners or job seekers. Whether you want to know what’s happening on the road, where a road leads or how a road gets built, you can find out here.

Virginia Department of Transportation – Notice of Short Listed and Selected Firms
This link on VDOT’s website shows the recently awarded VDOT contracts.

Virginia Department of Transportation Northern Virginia-Centric ITS Architecture
This is one of the kind web site on ITS Architecture! This web site provides access to the NOVA ITS Architecture definition for stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the interfaces between VDOT systems in Northern Virginia and other transportation systems in the region as they plan their projects. The site is set up so the navigation buttons are always available to you to move from one feature of the site to another easily. Check on “Using the Arch.”, you’ll find out when and how to use the architecture.

Virginia Department of Transportation Northern Virginia District Smart Travel Program
This site provides an overview of the Smart Travel program for VDOT’s Northern Virginia District. It provides a highlight of the services and descriptions on how Smart Travel contribute to improving safety and security. One can also link to NOVA Smart Traffic Center, Safety Service Patrol sites and download the Smart Traffic Signal System brochure.

Virginia Department of Transportation Statewide Smart Travel
This site provides a general information about the VDOT ITS program and links to several Smart Traffic Centers, Smart Travel services, planning documents, and VDOT’s ITS contact information.

Virginia Department of Transportation Six-Year Improvement Program
This web site provides an overview of all of the development and construction projects included in the agency’s long-term plans.

Virginia Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers
VASITE was established to promote sound transportation engineering practices in the planning, design, operation, and management of transportation facilities and equipment for the safe, convenient, and efficient movement of people and goods. ITSVA and VASITE co-host annual meetings for their members.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) is an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, university research center of Virginia Tech. VTTI is located in Blacksburg, Virginia at the western end of Virginia’s Smart Road. The institute is both a FHWA/FTA ITS Research Center of Excellence and a Mid-Atlantic University Transportation Center. You can find information about Smart Road from this web site.