Ford acquires mobile robotics firm Quantum Signal

Ford has acquired mobile robotics specialist Quantum Signal with the aim of leveraging its real-time simulation and algorithm developments.

The wide range of Quantum’s portfolio means it will be able to support Ford in numerous areas as the company develops self-driving vehicles and its transportation as a service (TaaS) business, including software development and hardware prototyping.

Quantum Signal is known for its ANVEL modeling and simulation environment, which has been used by military robotics programs to explore the performance of unmanned remote and autonomous systems.

“With the company’s expertise, we can develop even more comprehensive simulation environments at Ford in which we can test our vehicles and our business model in order to achieve further performance improvements,” said Randy Visintainer, chief technical officer, Ford Autonomous Vehicles.

Beyond simulation, Quantum Signal has also worked for the military in developing algorithms that help guide autonomous vehicles. The company is also experienced in working with robotics, as well as sensing and perception systems.

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